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Purchased this old chevy in May 2012. It was sold new in NZ 17th December 1956 in Dunedin and has had nine owners in the past 56 years, one who owned it from 1970 to 1990 and i suspect did the most of the tidy up work as the paint touch up appear to be of that vintage with the old minor patch of "crazing" and cracks.
Engine and trans were swapped for a 350/TH350 in that period with it passing through low volume certification for the updates in 1992 when the law/rules came into effect.
I don't beleive it has ever been apart majorly as there is still too much that is original about it, more like it has been maintained and updated where needed.
It still drives great for an old car, uses more fuel than i like but i usually put a 100 or so miles a week on it. Plans are to keep driving it, find some better gear gears, 3.0 or 3.36 would be ideal, and fit some disc's on the front as boosted drums do not inspire much confidence on long down hill runs.



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