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4 Door Station Wagon
I have owned four 1955 two door post cars, starting in 1961. The last one was a little jewel that I sold in 2005. For this action, the multiple boot prints on the seat of my pants come from my own boots. I wanted to buy a fifty one, but found a "Texas Barn Find" 1950. It's all there, but I think the barn roof must have had a few holes in it.
Anyway I had a Cavalier that I couldn't get rid of and I saw this fifty five wagon on ebay that was close to me that didn't sell. It looked pretty bad, "that's why it didn't sell", so I called the guy up and told him I had a Cavalier of about the same value. This wheeler dealer didn't even flinch, told me his wife needed a car to take their son to school with, and told me he would bring it the next day. I knew right then I was in trouble, but thought I would rather have a few fifty five parts laying around, than a 1993 Cavalier.
I'm now looking for a two door body with no front sheet metal. Hopefully I can find one in an old car junk yard. The station wagon frame only has surface rust, and good front end sheet metal, and lots of other parts to make up a full car.
Could I do better by just buying one already running? No doubt, but then I wouldn't have any reason for having grease under my fingernails.
So the hunt is on. I was looking at the wagon one day from the back and thought this car could be a 55 El Camino without too much more work than I will already be doing, so that's also a possibility. I have a 350/350, and it could already be running, and I could do the body work later. HA! So it will be a while.
Some guys would probably love to redo a station wagon, but I came from a large family, crammed too many times in the back of one.
My pleasant memories come from my first two door post. It was a V8 stick, and was going to my friends, going on a date, going to the races ect, with No family members along for the ride. I love my family and we are very close, but as a young man, any extension of a mom and dad were not going to be riding with me, and I sure as hell was not going to be seen in a station wagon.


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