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150 Series 2 Door Post
It was pretty much a rat rod street racer with a 355 that I built with steel crank, home ported 64cc 041 2.02 heads, flat top pistons for 10.25:1, Comp Cams 292 juicer, Sharp rockers and a home matched Weiand X-CELerator single plane topped with a Holley 750 DFDP powering a Muncie M21 4 spd and 10 bolt posi I put together out of a junkyard Nova. It has leather buckets out of some 60's GM car and a '56 Caddy back seat. It was a tremendous amount of fun to drive and surprised a lot of people on the street. No, the vacuum wipers didn't work very well at all! I parked it in the garage about 1987 and it has sat there since then, sans drivetrain (which ended up going into some other cars). I had meant to get back to it last summer, but life intervened. I now have the money to put into it so I have decided to start researching and gathering parts again. It's been hacked up pretty well and has a lot of mud in the body so I figure it's fair game to go the pro-street route with it and hack it up a little more.

My '55 photo is from about 1984, she's in much worse shape now (as am I!), but not for long! Her name has always been Aunt Bea, but that's a story for another time...

The Mustang Cobra shot is from 2003, it only has another 1k miles on it since then.

The TBSS is a great hauler, that Vette engine is amazingly well behaved!



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