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Bel Air Sport Coupe
I got this car for my 16th birthday in 1975.
My dad purchased it from a guy in South Carolina, it was stored in his barn.
My dad and I built it together on the weekends. GREAT memories!
It isn't a show car and was my daily driver thru college.
I have lost count of the offers I have had to sell it. I had one guy in 1977 offer me a 1 year old Lincoln Town car. When I moved to Michigan, it was in my driveway for about 2 months and someone stopped by almost every day asking if it was for sale.
I had it stored for about 20 years getting my kids thru school but now it's my turn to have some fun and bring her back to her former glory!
I hope to leave it to one of my grandkids some day in the distant future..
More before and durring restoration pics in my albums.



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