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4 Door Sedan, Belair
I am new to Trifive cars but have raced 70's monte carlos and a Malibu. My latest dirt track car is a 76 Malibu.
The 57 Belair I have now was complete with original powerpack 283(220hp) Car came with dual exhaust too which was evident by the two tailpipe hangers even though single exhaust was on car when I got it. Car was sitting since 79 and was complete except for bumpers and bumper brackets. Nothing else was missing! I am so lucky!
Car was silver with white roof and with red and black interior. Car has a CI powerglide which was fine without repairs. I added a vent to tailshaft housing to avoid leaks from internal pressure. I added a chrome alternator and rewired car for Gen light to still work. I am adding an electric windshield washer pump(hidden in trunk) that will be activated by a vac switch so controls on dash will remain the same. Car has deluxe heater system.
I used a higher lift cam for engine rebuild(Elgin E-923-P) Cam advanced 4 degrees too. The rest of engine is stock. Full length Hooker headers were added and welded thrush mufflers and flowmaster 2.5" tailpipes.
Interior will be silver and black stock Belair from Ciadella. Exterior will be Met Maroon body with Met silver roof and window frames.
Reusing all Stainless trim. I did have to replace tail lights and bakeup light assys(aftermarket parts).
I added a brake booster and chrome canister and prop valve for rear brakes. All drum brakes still.
Took a leaf out of 4 leaf rear(second one up). Cut one round of spring out of front springs.
245- 45- 17 Indy 500 tires on rear and 225-45-17 on front. REV 17 x 8 101-Chrome wheels all around. Stock AM radio and rear fader works and I will add a hidden CD AM/FM stereo with ipod input. Front speakers hidden under dash and radio and rear speakers will be hidden in a cabinet I will fabricate and have under the front seat. Goal is to customize without permanent mods to car. I am keeping all original parts and I am buying original parts to install whenever possible. All bumper brackets I bought are original thanks to ebay.
This build will cost about 10k. I am glad car was free!



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