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Bel Air
1/25 scale kits
I'm a modeler so these are two kits I built in the late '80s.

The yellow one is an old Revell kit that has a 383 stroker small block, 4-speed and a 4-link rear from a 1978 El Camino swapped in. The graphic was inspired by the 150 series trim. It looks pretty dated now but it was cool in 1988!

The blue one is an old Monogram kit with a Fuel Injected 283. The car is basically stock but detailed up like a show car with American 200-S wheels. I like this one but the kit's body has messed-up proportions.

I'm currently working on replicating my father-in-law's 1956 150 using a current Revell 210 Del Ray kit as a base. His car was India Ivory with the 205hp/3-spd combo. It was his daily driver but he also used to race it in the Baltimore area in the late '50s/early '60s. The only modification he made was home-porting the heads. Researching that project is what brought me here.



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