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Belair Trike
As my profile states I love to build the Unique projects
My 57 started out a doomed 4 door belair and I was looking for new project. My last trike was finished and I wanted to build something better than my last Trike. This would be a challenge that take time as being disabled my income is limited.
I started with 4 door shell in July of 1995 and by sept 11 2001 I was laying on the paint.
A few year latter with the help of sponsors rear springs and convertable top was compleated.
It's now 2008 and I would like to submit story of this trike to national magizine but it's not quite where I like to see it

Needs air ride for rear because suspention is too firm I bounce above seat over bumps.

I would like to fiberglass the front windjammer to hood and add the hood birds.

replace 267 engine with 283 moter and install tune port inj. I have moter and tune port parts just need fuel pump.
Here is a link to an Old web page I had while I was AOL member but not able to modify any more it show all my bikes and building the 57 from scrap