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I bought this car from my next door neighbor. He died and his widow kept the car in the garage for 17yrs before selling it. I used to help him work on it and during those years after his death I had access to it and drove it occasionally. When she mentioned she was thinking of selling it I jumped on it. Little did I know at the time she had cancer and passed away within a year. Since buying it I've done many upgrades. Complete rewiring with a Ron Francis harness, Raingear wipers, added power steering with ididit tilt column, custom gauges and steering wheel, halogen headlights, Digit-Tails front marker, tail and backup lights, new fuel tank, aluminum radiator and many engine upgrades. The former owner had already put disc brakes on the front, traction bars & mini tubbed it, and put the battery in the trunk. He used to street race it on a regular basis and blew up a few motors in the process! I can't afford the tickets so now it's just a nice cruiser, but it still goes fast.


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