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2 dr bel air sedan
This car was originally Surf Green, and was a V8 and powerglide equipped 210. I had the chrome for a Bel-Air, so I put it on. I have no intentions of selling it, or passing it off as something else, I just like the gold grille. All pieces were with the car, except the front seat, one heater control cable. the column cover screw, and of course the Bel-Air stainless. I bought the engine a few years ago from my father. It's a 1965 Corvette 327, 350HP motor. The unusual thing about it, is that the original owner blew the engine, and GM replaced it under warranty. It was replaced in 1968 to factory '65 specs, so it's a large journal motor, dated 1968 with the VIN pad stamped for a 1965. It's got a nice mild cam, flat tops, and two fours on it. I've driven this motor since high school, in a '56 Chevy. The tranny is a 700R4 from a cop car I bought at auction. It has a rebuild with a shift kit, with a Hurst ratchet shifter. 2400 stall converter, with a posi out back. Can't wait to try it out. The interior will be installed when it arrives in a few weeks. I ordered a 2 door hardtop interior to fit a sedan, because I like the seat covers much better. I also had a small custom change on the door panels. It's not a perfect show car, but I've always wanted one, and this one's gonna be driven!



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Well the interior is in, and I've been driving the wheels off of it this summer. I'll load more pics soon.