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210 Handyman
I found this car on ebay in Dec of 2005.
I had been wanting another 55 for several years and finally had the means to get another one.
This one looked good and I figured I could drive it and have fun while working on other projects.
On the trip home to Memphis from Melborne, AR the rear U joint let go in south Little Rock.
Four hours later, with the help from a local car guy that stopped to help, I got it home.

I rebuilt the front suspension, new short springs and added a 1 1/8 sway bar from CPP, a bearing idler arm kit, replaced all the wiring, fixed a big hole in the firewall, added a new master cylinder with booster, built my own radiator support for the new style radiator that was in the car and was just basically sitting in place.
I added A/C and a new gage panel w/gages, some interior lighting in the rear (from a 65 Impala sedan).
The current project is a pocket kit, new rear springs, shock bar, air shocks, F9 rear, mini tubs and cargo floor w/spare well and a trailer hitch hidden behind the license plate. (for some reason that pic wants to load in the middle, so it's out of sinc with my description)

The pocket kit is done and the cargo floor/mini tubs and shock bar are in.
Then I found some engine problems.
Rebuilt engine, replaced steering box, added side motor mounts and new brake lines up front.
Painted the firewall to match the body and cleaned up the inner fenders and painted them as well at the front part of the frame.
It'll look much better when I open the hood now.