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General Information

This car was a "garage find"
It sat covered for 30 years...
It had a Ford type single leaf straight axle/396 dual quad big cam engine. Muncie close ratio 12 bolt rear w/488's
glass fenders and hood.

As I started looking closer at the car, it seemed almost everything was done badly. I yanked the engine, rebuilt it to be more streetable..
took the body off the frame and swapped the single axle frame for a stock frame.

the stock frame has ball joint spacers and big springs... not sure if that is gonna stay that way...

As of 10/09 :
I have the engine done, broke in on the stand, In the car...
just buttoning up some odds and ends. I put the stock steel fenders on the car and found a steel hood for it. running a low intake and single carb. (750 DP) keeping the fenderwell headers for now...
It's a long process for me, have limited time to work on the car.. weekends.

But it's coming along. sometimes I just sit in the garage and drink a beer and stare at it.. Hah!
-john T.
More Pictures Here:



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John...Do you happen to know what headers and mounts you have on there? No problems with clearance?.. Thanks Max