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210 BelAir
I inherited the 2 owner 57 Chevy Bel Air that I learned to drive on. I am the third owner. My father bought the car from his best freind in 1958 and had it up until approximately 4 years ago. I am saving money to restore it. It has a 307 and the interior has been redone once. The original 283 went away and I can't locate it so I'm not sure which direction I am going with it. Every thing else is stock. We'll see.

Update. Located a 64 Corvette 327 to install with side mounts. Had the 461 camelhumps cleaned up with Z-28 springs, new guides and hardened seats. Found a used Muncie M-20 with a shifter. Cutting the floor to install new floor panels. Getting close.



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