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Bel Air
My 1st car was a 57 Two-Ten wagon with 235 & 3-speed that I bought for $60 in 1976. I initially hesitated to buy it, since there were already 4 other '57s in my high school parking lot! The next car, a '57 4-door Bel Air for $125 followed in '78. That one was fun to drive, with a 265, 3 speed, 46,000 miles. I got it running, painted it, drove it, then sold it in '79 for $1200. I immediately missed it, and replaced it with the car that I still have today, a '55 Bel Air 4 door sedan, with Blue Flame 6 & 3-speed trans. I painted that car in '80 (college days), and drove it until '84. It's last run was to carry my bride to our wedding. After that, it was stored, and has not run since.

The photo shows it as it was extracted from storage in 2009 (after washing!). I thought I would do the minimum amount of work to get it going again, but soon ended up in a project to restore everything but the body, which is still decent. I pulled the frame out from under it for a complete redo, which included sandblast, powder coat, rebuilt suspension, steering, brakes, bearings, rear axle/diff - you name it. The engine was remachined, and is in the process of reassembly now. The trans is being replaced with a 3-speed overdrive unit. I got some new chrome to spiff things up. I rebuilt the steering column, and will put new seat covers on + seat belts. All of this should be done by spring '15, so that will be a big deal for my wife and I. We can't wait!



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