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BelAir Sport Coupe
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The Wifes 55: Original pristine West Texas car. 350/700R4,Power rack/pinion and disc brakes,Heidts front,and Stock interior.Still needs A/C installed to make her completely happy....If that's possible!

1940 Ford Coupe: Original Henry sheetmetal,350/350,9" Ford rear,Finished about 5 years ago and a dream to drive

This is a photo of my Grandson taken in front of my old Firebird.Have had the car since my Junior year in High School.Kind of cool to still be around for my Grandson's graduation photos!It's a 400/4-speed car with everything remaining original except for the wheels and paint.

1936 Ford Coupe: Original pristine steel body,350/350,9"Ford rear,Red 50's style leather interior.Finished in 07.

425HP Dual Quad 409: Out of 1965 Impala,Originally planned as a transplant for the 6 holer in my old truck....With the price of fuel,I'm re-thinking that plan!

1955 Late Series Pickup: My old truck,purchased from the original owner who owned a peach plantation in Georgia,Original panels with no rust or damage ever.I recently replaced the stock 3-speed trans with a 5-speed.....Wow....what a difference!!

1955 210 Sport Coupe: Original Janesville Wisconsin car purchased about 6 blocks from the factory where it lived it's entire life.16K original miles and a true 210 Hardtop!A very rare car being a 210 Hardtop and even more rare being a solid Shadow Gray car....That color was used nearly exclusively with Coral on the two-toned cars.Not one bolt had been changed when I purchased the old girl.It now resides in North Carolina with my friend Lee and has been repainted since.

My Wifes Business Card: This photo is of the wifes 55 and my 40 Coupe and was printed on my wifes business cards.My wife is a nurse and really has no need for a business card but she liked the photo! Now that I think of it,she really doesn't have a need for most of the things she has including me!

This Black 2-dr Sedan was purchased from another member on here.It's a California rust-free car that really doesn't seem to like the Nebraska Winter....It was -35 the day it arrived and it wouldn't start.....It really didn't want to leave the trailer!It has the original 6 holer with a 3-speed overdrive.Plans are for a 383 stroker upgrade with either a Tremec 5-speed or 700R trans.....would love to have it completed for the first Tri-5 Nats!

This is my old stock 35 Ford 2-dr Sedan......It is absolutely a museum piece/time capsule and I'm having a hard time getting started streetrodding it......I may change my mind and find it a home that will preserve it as is.

This is my just completed 37 Ford 2-dr Sedan,Stoutly built 350/350 combo with all of the amenities of a new car.Drives as well as my wife's Buick but looks much nicer!

My two favorite cars are not pictured,nobody but I and a couple other guys in the whole world would even want to own them.They are a pair of 1967 cadillac Coupe D'Villes,one is Black over Black and the other is a very deep Blue over Blue with a black vinyl top.Both are very low mile cars in great shape and are an absolute pleasure to drive.

I also have a pristine old 37 Ford Coupe sitting in the corner of my shop....has been for nearly 15 years....that will be my final streetrod build someday when I get tired of fooling with these old cars.Our home is always open to fellow rodders who might be passing through......We always have a soft bed,hot shower and something cold to drink so if you're ever in the area,please let us know!.............Daryle



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hey 55 im a 4 door man myself,but that coupe is beautiful