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This 1955 chevrolet belair 2 door post was a total frame off restoration in 2000-2001. It was then entered and won several car shows before it became a daily driver. It is still a work in progress. It has the original frame, body, and rear end. It currently has a 350 engine that has been worked over a little bit on the top end. It's no hot rod but it has plenty of power, and it will cruise down the highway at 70 mph like a dream. With thorley headers and a custom 21/2 inch exhaust it sounds good too. Just got a new 4 wheel disc brake setup that i'm about to install. Then i'm going to go with a manuel rack and pinion on the front end. After that it's a new edelbrock carb and intake combo. It has a few nicks and dings, cause she ain't no trailer queen! So this year i'll probably touch up a few spots on the paint, and she'll be as good as new! This car drives really well, and is a blast to go down the road in. Thats really and truly what it's all about isn't it?




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you know thats what its about jack,beautiful car bro