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Bel Air 2 dr sport coupe
My Great Aunt bought the car in September of 1956 in San Pedro CA. In 1978 she gave the car to my mother and we drove it from California to New Mexico. Tizzie (that's her name) only had 13,00 miles on her. Mom had the car in many shows and won many awards. She needed to put the car in storage for a short time but about 20 years went by and this is what we found, flat tires and dust. Not bad. Back to the house Tizzie went where dad with some help from me (I live in Dallas) got her running. Dad provided most of the labor and I financed it. Now mom is giving me the car and it only has 27,000 on it. I can't wait to bring her to her new home in Dallas the spring of 2009.

I will keep you updated.