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210 2 door sedan
My grandfather gave me a 1956 Chevy 2 door sedan for Christmas when I was 12. The car had been in the family since new. I worked on the car constantly and had a ride when I got my license at 14. I drove the car all through high school and college. When I graduated college in 1975, my folks gave me a new Ford pick up to go to work in. The old '56 went home and was put in the barn for safe keeping. In 1978 a flood hit the Texas Hill Country. The rush of water took the barn and the car down stream. It was like loosing a member of the family. The car was recovered by the Texas National Guard, but there was not much left to salvage.

Now, 30 years later, on my 56th birthday, my mom gave me a '56 Chevy she found in San Antonio to restore. It's needed about everything replaced, but I'm trying to duplicate my old car exactly as it was. What has amazed me is, that after 30 years, I remember every nut and bolt on that car. I'm having way too much fun!!



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