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Showcase cover image for MT94SS's 1955 Chevrolet 210

General Information

I started the transformation in January of 2007. The work has been done in my spare time, just a few hours a month. I looked for several years for a donor 2-door body, but all I found were extremely rusty shells for $5k that needed every panel replaced, so I decided to just convert this. It seemed easier to do than a chop.

The first step was to get a pair of 2-door sedan doors as well as the b-pillar/quarters from the same. One door was a '56 and one was a '55 - it didn't matter as both were getting new skins. The b-pillars with inner and outer panels were used. The rear glass and trim panels are standard 2-door units and fit great. I re-skinned the quarters with the skins from the old 4-door doors. If I had the money I would have gotten full quarters...

The front axle is from Speedway. I bought it about a year too soon. The axle was way to skinny so I had a new one made locally. Now you can get one in various widths - wider looks better to me. On the original axle, the tires were very close to the frame and were set in about 3 inches per side. With the new axle, the track is perfect.

The engine is a 30-over 350 with vortech heads and a thumpr cam. Should be fun to drive and have a great sound. Also got a 700r4 to put behind it...

I have always liked the look of gassers or street freaks. It's one of those memories in the early '70s - sitting in Micky-D's as a kid and seeing a first gen Nova straight axle going through the drive through. It was so tough!

Anyway, I'm not sure what color yet. I'm either going with a flat clear over black, or heavy metal flake green and white. I can't decide. Black would be alot easier. The photo that shows the car in black is just DP-90 wet after rinsing it off. Looks pretty cool, though.

It is a fun project and is quite relaxing to just fiddle with it every now and then.