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General Information

Ran across her sitting in a carport of a house where no one resided. Took almost a month of searching to track down the owner. This was a one owner car who was very special to the previous owners. Notice the house (in the photo) was painted to match the colors of the car. JD and Esther kept the car in very good shape. JD passed away in 1997 and since Esther never learned to drive, the car sat on the carport, but because it meant so much to her she wanted to have it close by. Ester is 87, her health is failing and she is living with her daughter. Esther's daughter said that sometime Esther would just go sit in the car for a bit thinking about JD and the times they had. Esther and her daughter told me that they had many offers for the car over the last 10 years but I was the first person Esther had a peace about selling, "Ol' Betsy" to. I feel fortunate indeed.

Recently I restored the instrument cluster, steering wheel and most of dash. To the right are some before and after photos.