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Sedan Delivery
Found this after it had been sitting in the Florida salt air for 15 YearsIt needs absolutely everything including a new roof.
I'm a disabled Viet Nam vet w/plenty of time on my hands but not much $$$to spend on her,but I keep pluggin away.

Sold the sedan delivery to Chevrolet150.A member here and a heck of a good bodyman. I used some of the $$ to buy this 56 210 Sport Coupe.
The 56 also needs a lot but the sedan delivery's roof was so bad that I was considering chopping the car up and turning it into an El camino.
The 56s body is much better.It has front discs and now has a SBC w/a 4 speed.
Update 6/12/11
Almost ready for the road.New front springs,new distributor/coil,new plugs,wires,master cylinder,brake booster,proportioning valve,rear brake wheel cylinders,springs,shoes,drums,,brake/fuel lines,fuel pump,wiring kit,front brake calipers/pads,rear shocks,rear lower 1/4s,tilt steering column,bellhousing,bellhousing mounts,4 speed saginaw,clutch,throw out bearing,pressure plate,w/shield gasket,fuel filler pipe,speedometer cable,
Many of these parts were donated by Members of tri-five to whom I remain eternally grateful.



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hello from frank 67/68 25inf mech also disable vet,tryed to send a pictureof car address i had didn't work

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I think I spoke with you via HAMB when you had a Nomad for sale. You said you found one.. so did I. Congradulations and enjoy!