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Have always loved 55 sedans. My 57 owning brother-in-law says 55's "haven't grown their fins yet", and of course it didn't work out so good for Bob Falfa in American Graffiti either-but I love them just the same. Found mine online and drove it back from Rapid City to Castle Rock. After getting her home, everyone asked what her name was so I just said Buffy. It has stuck with her since. I had full intensions of just cruising her around and fixing her up at the same time. Further inspection showed more work than originally thought would be needed. After a winter of kicking ideas around-including a Morrison chassis-it was decided I would do a frame off resto-mod starting with another original frame. The local rod shop had a frame with spring pockets installed already-so it began. Lessons learned so far- 1) everything take 3 times as long and costs 3 times as much as originally planned and 2) any item that says 'bolt on' or 'made for your model' typically are not. As of discovering TRI-FIVE my frame is powdercoated along with my drop spindles, coils, Posies springs, Currie 9" and ft swaybar. Stainless hardware holds it all together and stainless brake & fuel lines are installed. Wilwood discs are on all 4 corners, along with Coys 17's and 18's. She has a Jon Barrett 454 and 700R going to 3.70's in the diff. The economy is really slowing progress the last 15 months-but I hope to get the chassis done soon.



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That is such a beauty and you don't even have a body on her