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General Information

2dr ht
I bought my 56 in August 2008.
Feb 2009
The chassis has been set up for a Big Block chev, Turbo 400, with a Ford 9", full floating rear end. Leaf prings have been moved to the inside of the chassis with a two link set up.
Disk brakes have been put on all round and power steering rack which bolted straight in from American on line.
Floors and fire wall have been sand blasted and have exposed minor rust about 6 inches long.
The engine is under construction which will be a 540 cubic inch with about 650 horsepower.
Transmission runs a 3600 stall converter.
Headers are 2 1/8 inch stepped to 2 1/4 inch going into a 4 inch collector and then 3 inch exhaust all the way to the back.
The body has been tubbed which will allow me to run 15x10 inch on the rear with 12 inch tyres. front has 15 x 6 inch.

30/8/11 - Its been a while but the Chev is nearly finished.
Paint is finished. All running gear is in. Engine has been dynotuned and pulled 675hp at 5500rpm.
Interior is next. And then we drive her.
Got a bit out of control and has now become a complete show car. Oh well, such is life!!
Color is Mitsubishi lancer red, with gold matallic flake, Candy apple tint, and lots of clear. Has been flat rubbed so there is no orange peel.
Diff - Ford 9", Strange, Richmond 4:11 gears, billet yoke etc.. etc..
31 spline axles.
Dash has been customised and painted. Dakota digital cluster.

1956 2DR HT Chev finished and registered October 2012



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