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General Information

BelAir 2Dr Hdtp
1981 was the year my 57 BelAir 2 door hardtop joined my family. I have only driven the car 3 times since then, with its last trip out of the garage being in 1991. The car underwent a minor amateur restoration in 1989 and I was never really happy with it, so I let it sit.

I finally came up with the time, money and desire to do the car justice this year and it is being lovingly and painstakingly brought back to its original beauty by Classic Auto Restore in Port Richey, Florida.

The car will be returned to its originial two tone paint scheme of Dusk Pearl and India Ivory with black and silver interior.

The exterior will have dual rear mount antennas, fender skirts, halo mirrors, rocker panel stainless, deck lid brushed aluminum, continental kit, gold license plate frame, blue dot tail lights and spinner hubcaps.

Under the hood, is factory air, power steering, power brakes and a dual quad setup!

It also has an autronic eye, traffic light viewer, vacuum ash tray, rear seat speaker and other accessories.

Thanks to everyone here for sharing their information and their help!