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210 Sedan
My 55 Chevy and my new garage. I got my 55 in 2000. It stayed in the car garage till I built a new 30x30 garage to put it in. It stayed there till Jan. 2010. I had to build a house on the Chattahoochee River before I could start. Well the house got built and we moved. I sold the old house and had to build a new garage. Now my car has a new home and has begun its new transformation. Looks like I have a few years to work on it now. I will be doing this in my spare time and week-ends by myself. The parts sure are expensive and in this economy it may take a while. Can't wait to show pictures of my progress.
Stripping the car and bracing now to get ready put in the floor pan and trunk pan. Pictures are in my profile under pictures



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