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Chevrolet(of course)
#1-56 1/2 Ton Pickup
#1 "BURNER" '56 Pickup with '57 frontend. A work in progress, for would you believe fifteen years? You know how that goes, priorities...priorities.
Anyway, "Burner" is soon to be separated from his frame and initial cleanup begun. There's a '69 Camaro front subframe replacing the stock hard stock. The rear frame rails have been narrowed four inches, to accommodate the narrowed nine inch Ford (4.57:1 gearing) rearend. Nothing too exotic as far as parts, Summers Bros. axles is the most such. There are disc brakes, of course, all around. Just need to engineer the properly functioning emergency brake system. (It looks like there's plenty of help in that regard, on the mfg end).
The intended motor (freshening soon to be completed) is the ubiquitous 454 Rat, .030 over 468 with hydraulic roller cam, .550 lift (Comp Cams) and Holley 850 Double Pumper.
The plan is to obtain a Tremec TKO 600 5-speed, for the fun of it.
It should turn into a great prostreetish grocery-hauler. Something to look forward to in the coming years.
Air Conditioning? Certainly! I'm not worried about extra weight. There'll be plenty of horsepower up front to handle it. After all, the Irvine PD or the Highway Patrol don't hand out many favors, in regard to "exhibitions of speed". I'm sure you know where that's coming from.))
The rest is ongoing. Any suggestions you may conjur, I would be glad to hear and consider.



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Gonna be a sweet ride Rob. Are these the only pics you've uploaded or are there more?