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Belair 2 Door Sedan
Hi, I have not enjoyed my 56' for a long time...broke the rear end in it 10 years ago and it just sat. Got motivated and started spending...bought a complete rear end from a Tri Five Member, and dropped spindles from another member, order stuff from Tri Five Vendors and started replacing stuff...

To date: Added 2 inch dropped spindles, 1 inch lowering blocks in the rear, disk brakes (85-GMC Blazer)and lines, a Rear end out of a 4 X 4 GMC Jimmy with Disc Brakes and yes, I have the E-Brake hooked up too, Super Quiet Pads, New Dual MC, Proportioning Valve, a dual diaphram booster from an 80 Firebird, , new SS Fuel Tank and SS sending unit, New Holley 4 Barrel Carb, New Battery mounted in the trunk, New Belts, Changed oil and both filters (One is a Toilet Paper Filter) New Valve Covers and all New Breathers, New Electric Fuel Pump and Filters, New Guages, New Aluminum Radiator, New Sway Bars front and rear, new shocks (Monroe SensaTrac) and I haven't cranked it up yet! I guess that isn't too bad for a 65 year old guy who is 5'4" but loves his old Chevy! Since dropping it, I am able to look across the roof for the first time while standing on the ground!! Hope to have it going by my birthday this 4th of July!!

I have added some more...missed the Fourth roll out! But it now has all new suspension front and rear, new Retro-Sound Radio with 6 X 9's on the deck, 5 1/4's in the doors and two 10 inch subs Enclosed in the trunk with an 800 watt amp for some "thump", and new original style antennae. It all sounds terrific and I am glad I bought this instead of the Auto-Sound radio! The car is completely re-wired, replaced the Intake, installed Patriot 3/4 length headers, replaced the 350 Turbo with a 700R-4 Transmission and added a B&M Cable Shifter, and a Lokar Flexible Dipstick, new electric cooling fan...she rides nice! The steering is like as if it had Power Steering...using those non-rubber bushings made a huge difference. Installed a bench seat from a 87 Impala, new glove box too. Have a set of Vent Visors for it too. In process of stripping it for paint/ goes on!



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Is the picture of you 56 with the 2" dropped spidles?