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Bel Air
Fisher body 4-door sedan, that I've owned for almost 3 years.

Car was actually advertised on ebay America, and I only looked at it by chance whilst looking for a junker to restore. Saw what I liked, sent some emails, made some calls, wired some money and three months later it was parked in my garage.

It was a 'neat' car when I got it, with only a few small marks in the paint, and a little surface rust coming through the LH rear door and in the rain gutters.

As per most build stories, that wasn't going to be my only rust problems, and it was soon revealed that there was more rust than first expected. In all, I've replaced both front floor pans, plated 2 sections in the firewall (one 6"x1", one around 9"x1") , plated the LH rear door, and patched a spot in RH front fender above the headlamp. Whilst doing that, I took the opportunity to fix up all the paint blemishes, relocate the battery to the trunk, smooth out and weld up all the unwanted holes in the engine bay.

ENGINE: 350 c.i. (stock internals) with the addition of straight cut gears, Edelbrock intake & carburettor, Pacemaker extractors (1.75" primaries), Mallory Billet Distributer and Electronic ignition (custom 8mm Top Gun leads)

TRANS: TH350 (no stall, no shift kit, but plans are in place for both along with a mild cam for the engine)

DIFF: Chevrolet 12 bolt w. LSD centre.

BRAKES: Ford Falcon XB Master cylinder & generic 8" booster.
[F] Modified VT Commodore slotted rotors running on Chevy stubs with VT Commodore twin-pot calipers.
[R] Chevy drums with revised slave cylinders.

WHEELS: 15x8" Chevrolet Rallye with BF Goodrich tyres (235/60R15 + 255/60R15) Plan is to replace the rims with a set of Weld Racing rodlites, and come down a few sizes in tyre width, mainly to make changing the rears a little easier.

IN MY PILE OF PARTS YET TO BE INSTALLED: Billet Specialties Comet steering wheel, Billet Specialties steering column, window cranks, door handles, and vent window cranks. Dakota Digital dash and clock assembly. New Instrument cluster bezels, Billet dash fascia, (CD player will be relocated to glove compartment). B&M Mega Shifter w. Lokar Piston gear-knob. Lokar Eliminator Accelerator pedal. Summit racing billet pedal pads. Painless Performance 18 circuit trunk mount wiring harness. Billet grille, w. new Danchuk grille surround. 18" Billet transmission cooler & stainless steel braided cooler lines. 2 Davies Craig thermo fans mounted on custom sheet metal radiator shroud. In my tired state, that's all I can think of now... There's quite a lot of stuff laying around out in the workshop, and I honestly can't remember exactly what I have any more!!



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rus,just noting the wheel and tire sizes and want to know if they rub the wheel wells or frame.