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Pro Street 150 Sedan
My Dad Raced the 57 from 1966 to 1970. My 57 was a homing pigeon going as far as 1000 miles and finding her way home. Dad then raced a Vega in the pro stock class until he wrecked the car at the world nationals in Spokane. WA. in 1979. I found the 57 in a farm field in 1985 when I was a Jr. in High School. My Dad had sold the 57 in 1979 for the last time to a friend. One evening at my dads business Roy, one of my dads high school friends was visiting. He told me he knew were the 57 was. His Brother Gary had taken the motor out of the 57 and put it in a boat. He offered me the car for 400 dollars. My Father's name was still on the side of the car. She was weathered but still beautiful. The story gets even better than that. I am in the military and am stationed 2000 – 2007 in Hayward, CA. I have just recently discovered that my 57 chevy was actually Born in Oakland Ca. just up the 880 from where she now resides!



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Its cool to see your dad's '57 made it back to you--keep the TRI FIVE LEGEND ALIVE!!