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2-Dr Post (maybe Bel-air? Maybe not!
I bought the car 4 years ago. (2005) I was going to wait til I retired to start a rod project. But I may not, since it was in the middle of my, mostly woodworking shop...I thought I should start. This maynot ever be finished but I am committing to starting. The doors are all straight and in good alignment...trunk too. Hood has a slump up in the middle...may need to does not appear to ever been crashed. Goals: Make a NICE Driver. Don't cut any corners. As close to show as possible without getting crazy. 350CI, Auto Tranny, New Chassis, AC, good sounds. Quiet ride. "Not in a hurry to be in a hurry". Do it once-Do it right! Undecided if I want the Pro-stock "look"...drop the front...low and level...or just keep it level...(Lots of time at this point do decide that..but need to be thinking).
First things first: 1. I got the 350 with attached out of the car. 2. Stripped the inside of all upholstry "stuff" down to zero. Seats, Headliner...everything!. 3. Bumpers and most of the exterior trim. Gas tank was already out. Left steering in tack..Dash too. Did strip all wiring...since that will all be replace.
My Plan: Will get it down to my friends body shop. He will bead blast, so we and then look at the whole car to make a call. Since I'm thinking of a new chassis, We may just do what we can to most of the car...then get it home. I can make a rotisserie if I have to...lots of used metal and pipe at my shop. Cross that bridge later.


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