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General Information

150 4 Dr.
This car is mostly original with 96 k miles. Car was made in Ontario and sold in Calgary was an every day driver until 1973 at which time it was parked in a garage as the owner had passed away. The car remained in the garage until 2006. I am the third owner of this car since 2006. She will undergo some repairs and then a new coat of paint. She will remain as close to original as I can keep her. The interior does not require improvements,other then a good cleaning as it is filthy. You can see the sticker on the spare tire, in the trunk picture, behind the licence plate. I'm told by the previous owner that this is the original spare tire and has never been installed on the car.
The car has the original rims c/w dog dish hub caps,the jack and tire wrench are there as well as a set of what appears to be flat bar tools for changing out the tires from the rims. When I purchased the car(Jan 31, 2010) It had a set of corvette rims, that i will not be putting back on. I will be using the original rims with the wide white wall tires.



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