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Showcase cover image for Shoebox56's 1957 Chevrolet 7/8 scale MCAmis body

General Information

7/8 scale MCAmis body
I started to build this one in 2003 by buing a welded cage from Tim McAmis and foolow up with manufacturing our own prism 9.5" rear end with floaters , brakes and front suspension with brakes from Strange.
All tabs and fasteners for onboard parts are built in by owner and team members and everything is made from crome moly, and carbon fiber.
Complete body , wheel tubs and and covers are all made from carbon.
First trip was made late 2008 during my upgrade of the Licens.
First season with the car was more or less a learning curve ...and still is in order to get the horspower to to ground without hitting the guard or my competitor in the other lane.
My current drivetrain are a Bae6 billet block with Veney Billet heads ( this engine combo has been built / driven by the legend Jim Oddy and netted a record breaking ET 6.05 and 238Mph ion 2007 in the Summit sponsored corvette )
The power and added weight to the car as of 2011 demanded some extra time on the weight scales too balance the chassie in order to get it down the 1/4 in a straight manor, that we finally managed ( look at the avatar )
Everything is currently in pieces exept for the 3 speed Lenco CS1 ( and the spare ) that i have serviced during this winter.

And a pict of my old faithful 56 that was built from a empty 4 door body back in 84-86 and has been on the street and strip from 87 untill 98 when it was retired in favor of a 23 Altered that i raced in SC untill 2003 when the Td / ProMod project started.


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