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Bel Air 4 Door
Hey everyone, Here's the Black Bel Air I just bought. Really wanted a 55 2-door but the one I bought on ebay was way too rusty and anything better was too expensive. But found this 4 door in good shape. It's a old drag car with fiberglass hood and deck, mini tubs, Ford 9 inch rear end with a spool and strange axles and real coil over shocks. They moved the leaf springs inboard of the frame. The wheels are Weld draglite, 6x15 in the front and 12x15 on the back. All the glass is lexon but the car came with nice front and rear glass to put in. The seller also had a set of stock seats to but back in. Will sell the race seat and belts, monster tac, fuel cell, etc. The roll bar was just bolted in and took that out. Want to make a weekend cruiser out of her. Glad they didnt' cut it up too bad! No engine but got the trans and some chrome headers. Will be fun!



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how could anyone not like this beaut looks fantastic

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go look at my 4 door theres nothing wrong with em just more car to like !!!!!!!!!

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That is a nice looking Chevy.