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I made the owner an offer in April 2010 for $12k but he wanted to think about it. Patiently I waited for 14 months without a return call. I never gave up hope and one day his business card fell out of my wallet. I picked it up and called him out of the blue. He said he'd take $13,500 and not a penny less. I bought this car the next day on Father's day June 20, 2011. Perhaps fate had something to do with it because one month later his house was vacant.

Starting with a Newman Car Creations frame and installing an LS6, DBW, plans are for Vintage Air, Cruise Control and a 4L65E transmission. I'm using LS2 exhaust manifolds with the stock camaro oil pan.

April 1, 2012.
The entire floorboard has been removed and the install is about to take place. The lower cowl areas needed repair so I completed them first. Only the right side lower door hinge pocket needed repair so I fabricated that in one day and finished that job. The drip rails in the lower cowl area were also fabricated and replaced.

June 3, 2013. I installed new stainless steel gas tank from Rick's Stainless Tanks. I welded the brackets to the frame using Rick's brackets and its looks classy. Next up, new quarter panels.

December 1, 2013. I cut off the right quarter panel, media blasted the whole area behind the quarter to reveal ZERO hidden rust issues. I applied a little bondo to smooth out the spot welds (rear cargo - inner fender welds). Ready for epoxi and black paint.
February 2014: Drive by wire pedal installed with new bracket. Both quarter panels have been cut off, blasted and ready for epoxi.



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