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210 2dr sedan
I purchased this car a few years ago from a gentleman in Portage , Indianna. Original 6 cylinder and 3 on the tree. It runs and drives like a new car. Has about 94,000 original miles on it. Only one repaint that I can tell. Plans call for the usual disc brake upgrades and a new silver and black Bel Air style interior. Its currently still wearing its blue factory interior that is in remarkable condition.As for the drivetrain, I have both a complete 454 or a 355 with 700r transmission. I,m having a real hard time to bring myself to take this car apart when it is in such good original condition. I,ve done nothing to the car but drive it and enjoy it since I got it.Have been to the Back to the Fifties show in Minneapolis with it every year since I purchased it (500 miles one way) and it has never let me down.The biggest problem I have is the long cold winters here and too much time on my hands. I love to be in the shop in the winter and use this down time for major renovations to my hobby cars. Maybe the ,55 will get the touch this winter..........



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