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4 door wagon
Purchased the wagon from the original owner in 1995. He lived in Oklahoma City and purchased the car new. He ordered it 6 cyl, 3 speed, radio and clock delete, sun visor, EZ eye glass, Neptune green and shoreline beige. Drove it for many years until bought a new car in the 60's then became his fishin car. Always garaged. He was a heating and air contractor in OK and when the Chevy dealership started installing AC units he was contracted to install them so he bought one for himself and installed it. A under dash Park-o-matic AC unit. The roof rack was unusual as Chevy did not offer one. As you can see the unit fits perfectly. The owner was 87 when I asked him about the rack he said he did not remember where he bought it.
My friends all said the car needed a surfboard, so we got a classic Hobie board from a LA fireman in Huntington Beach and visited many surf shops on the west coast for other stuff, decals, etc.
Love going to shows with it and gets a lot of looks with the board on top in Nebraska.

Just a couple of pictures my other 57's both in progress????

And one sad picture of my first car in 1969 after t boned at an intersection.



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