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General Information

Picked this '55 up in San Jose, CA in 2001 as an unfinished project with no drivetrain. The paint was fairly fresh & looks pretty good for a driver (Dupont Centari). Found a tired 4-bolt 350 and rebuilt it with some decent parts, and added a 60's Offenhauser 3-2 intake with 3 Rochester carbs. Three deuces are something I've lusted after since my high school days when a friend drove me around in his 29 Model A roadster pickup and a 283 tri power. Open body roadster with open engine compartment, you could really hear the magic roar 3 carbs make at full power. Addictive to say the least! Back to the '55 - the interior is mostly stock but has bucket seats from some year Volvo - they articulate about 7 different ways and besides fitting well, they're real comfy. It's good to have the space between the seats because the shifter from my T-5 comes up right between them.

This is my 5th trifive (two '55's and two '57's between 1968-1975) and this one isn't getting away.

The other cars pictured are my '65 Sunbeam Tiger (plus a pic of the stroked motor that's inside) and the wife's '66 Corvette



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