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Thought I was buying a driver. The radiator blew on the drive home on the day of purchase and, after only a few weeks of driving it, I realized that the engine and transmission were going to need replacement or a rebuild, and the new wiring was going to need sorting out. Among a couple other things.
Ok. Other than that, it was a good deal.
Recently got the new engine and transmission put in place.
Upgraded from 348/350 to 409/700r4.
Still have a way to go before firing it up though.
it was a 3-sp manual shift and whoever put in the th350, didn't do anything with the shifter on the column. I've had a heck of a time with that little project, but am nearing the end, having replaced it with a shifter from a 53-54 Bel Aire, which has a shift indicator, and a Limeworks detent kit.



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