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Bel Air 4dr Sedan
I used to have a 1956 Chevy 210 4dr wagon while I lived in Boulder, Colorado. Took it skiing in the mountains and it was my only car for a while there. Sold it when I found out the body pretty much wasn't attached to the frame due to rust (from before I owned it). Probably wouldn't have been as bad of a situation as I thought, but I also had another car that was killing me at the same time.

Jump forward a few years and I have missed my old car the whole time since. I saw a '56 exactly like my old one except in perfect condition that the owner wasn't willing to sell. Next day I found this on Craigslist that had been in storage for ten years. Not in perfect shape, but much better than my last one and in a color combo that I like quite a bit. There seem to be no major rust problems, and nothing but little tiny dents. Even the glove box light works.

Since last year, I've had almost everything mechanical replaced or rebuilt by necessity, including a full rebuild on the engine. It runs great now and gets about 25 mpg if I don't floor it (which is hard to do since it runs so well and sounds quite good).

I would highly recommend buying a car that's being actively used. Buying a car that was in storage has taken far more money than I was thinking, and I haven't even touched restoration yet.