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Nomad & 210 9pass wagon
2 yr "body on" complete restoration of the 9 passenger wagon. With the exception of welding new floorpans in, the rest has been done by my 2 car suburban LA garage. (yuk!) It's now a very safe and reliable "driver" with a "20 foot" paint job, and gets lots of road trips to the beach and car shows around the SoCal area with the family.

The Nomad is a new project, purchased Spring of 2007, and includes a 2002 LS1 engine with matching 6 speed manual trans out of a Camaro.The previous owner got the drivetrain in it, but the whole car needs to be put back together. I will be doing a complete body off build on this one. The goal is for a nice ProTouring build with a little bit of "canyon carver" capability.

I need a money tree!



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