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General Information

Bought this car from a gentleman I happened to run across back in October 2018. The car needed a complete floor pan replacement and of course when you get down that far you 'may as well' do it right. As such I am now in the middle of a full frame off, will be going back in with a 327 (built a little) that will look very much like a stock 265. The car, after much thought and discussions with my immediate circle, will be a restomod. I know there are some of you purists out there that would probably like to crucify me for that, especially since it is a convertible but I just dont want a stock performing 56 vehicle. It will have four wheel disc brakes, it will be lowered, the trans is a TKO 600 5 speed, etc, etc. enjoy the pics... I will post more as I make significant progress.



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