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Default Getting my 1956 210 townsman
to start off i actually had a 1967 Camaro. but circumstances changed things and my train of thought. such as having a baby so i figured why not go to a family car.

so down the road with the Camaro and in with the 1956 210 townsman four door wagon. the only problems is in my location it is farm country and kids will be kids . $5000 lighter and a wagon heavier. I leave from my test drive and i mean drive that is all it did.

The car started and moved.... to start off it had nova spindles in the front i think and they had chopped up the bump stop arm on the frame with a torch. the fuel gauge, temp gauge, turn signals, speedo and wipers didn't work, no heater and no kick down wire installed on the 700r4. which made for a long 200 miles home in the down pouring rain. doing hand signals. by the way the rain was about the size of cats with a dog thrown in once in a while.

we made it about half way home with a stop at lowes to get a dryer duct to tap to the dash to keep the fog off the widow with some rainX as well.

Got it home and found that there was just a broke power wire to the column and had signals again. spayed some wd-40 in the vacuum motor and it started to work again.

got a speedo cable from the rock auto and speedometer from classic chevy and speedo again.

the car kept over heating as they had a electric fan with a toggle switch in the dash that had to be on all the time. check the thermostat and it was a 190Deg changed it out for a 160 deg and wired in a 170-180deg cut out switch from summit and a relay from Orielly's

got a fuel gauge from a scrap yard and had fuel leave again. also got a 1956 rear end that has been rebuilt to replace the 74 camaro rear end that is cobbled together from the previous owner

the trans fried as it didn't have a kick down wire and needed rebuilt the trans shop installed a power cable for the kick down.

it is a work in progress but it is slowly coming together.

this is just some of the stuff that i have run across and am trying to fix. i look forward to having seat belts in it and hailing the family

the reason for joining is I'm installing the dash wiring harness and soon the ignition and tail light harness and every time i was looking for wiring info it always pointed me to this site.



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