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Belair Sport Sedan
January 12, 2008

My brother-in-law inherited this car from his father a few years ago, but he isn't really into '50's cars. It just sat there until he decided to sell it to clear out his garage. I told him I was interested, so he sold it to me for a good price. The car was built at the St. Louis plant on or about May 2, 1957 and spent at least the first half of its life in Texas, which explains the minimal rust. It still has a 1982 Texas inspection sticker on the windshield.

The car was originally tropical turquoise, but at some point in the late '70's someone had it painted red. Since the car is pretty original except for the color and upholstery, I've decided to restore it to its original condition and color. The last photo shows what the car will look like when I'm finished. This sport sedan is your typical 20-footer right now, but I still had a lot of fun riding around in it this summer. One of the lifters collapsed at the end of the season, so I'm debating whether or not to start taking the car apart this spring, or to just replace the lifters and get another summer out of it. When the first warm spring day arrives, I think I know what my decision will be.



1957 Bel Air sport sedan
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Ahhhh... The joy of a Sport Sedan!!! More pics please!!!