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  1. Wanted/WTB/Trade/Free Stuff. Cars & Car Parts Only
    WTB 57 Chevy 150 2 dr My name is Kevin, I'm 27, and I've helped my dad restore a 1930 Chevy Sport Coupe and a 1957 Chevy Belair 2dr hard top. I know 57's very well and would love to have a 57 150 of my own. I enjoy and appreciate the minimal look of the 150's and prefer them over the belairs...
  2. Stock Chevy Discussion 55-56-57
    G'day Everyone, Cheven here! Hopefully I have put this thread in the correct section, I'm sure this question has been asked, but I searched and cannot find it relating to the 56 model, namely the 4 door hardtops. May I ask, what exactly are the differences between all of these models? I've...
  3. Chit Chat Area, Anything on your mind goes here.
    We are looking to buy at least one of two cars avalaible. The first is a red 1957 150 with a straight six, that matches the body, with 103k original miles. The interior is original and in good shape, and the paint, while non orginal, is also in good shape. This is the car we are primarily...
  4. Project Update Section, Post Project Updates Here
    Watershed moment today with the 1956 150. Finally got the engine running half way right, and fixed all the leaks in the brake lines. The proceeded to wash off 2 years of dust. Glass, Exhaust, interior are the big three left to go. Did my best straightening and polishing the trim. Got it real...
  5. Classifieds Section - For Sale Items ONLY!
    Thanks for looking, I've got a '56 Handyman wagon for sale. It has the fold down rear seat without roll down rear windows. It has all the makings of a rat rod, but I wanted to restomod it. I picked it up in Colorado after I finished my last project. Life happened and three moves later it is time...
  6. Chit Chat Area, Anything on your mind goes here.
    Hi, first og all i need to say that my english is bad. Sorry. Im trying to find molding instruction for 55 sedan delivery, inside the car. Im missing some parts, and it is no other delivery in Norway that i can compare with.. I know about 2 delivery's in Norway, but they are both customized...
  7. Project Update Section, Post Project Updates Here
    More pics showing progress. Challenges: Leaking steel brake flares - getting better at making good flares and then tightening/loosening until they quit leaking. I think I may have stopped the last leak Motor runs rough - no exhaust, so I can't effectively set valves on the rebuilt motor and then...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hi all Nice to be here Name is Tim and I have a 57 150 I'm messing with. Currently has a 327 with a 5spd. plans for winter are disc brakes and lower it a bunch wheel change and clean up in general.
  9. Project Update Section, Post Project Updates Here
    It's starting to look like a real car! I hope to get it functional labor day weekend so I can put it in gear and drive it around the block.
  10. Super Stock/Pro Street & Modified Disc. 55-56-57
    Hello,new to the forum and pretty new to trifives.Ive done a lot of Camaros chevyII"s and chevelles but not much experience with 55's.I like and appreciate originals but have come to love ls1's,they are hard to beat in a car you want to drive a lot.I recently accquired an all original and rust...
  11. Chit Chat Area, Anything on your mind goes here.
    Ok guys I have been trying to figure this out on my own and it is driving me nuts. What is the difference between a 150 and a 210. Is one more valuable than the other, were they just different options form back in the day. Will 150 parts fit on a 210. Can someone please help me on this one...
  12. Classifieds Section - For Sale Items ONLY!
    I'm looking for a set of 1957 150 dog dish hubs. Would also consider a partial set or a set of 210 caps. Will need them shipped to 91506. And if you're willing to ship, I am interested in a tri-5 2 door front and rear seat. Thanks, Wes
  13. Suspension Questions Chassis, Brakes, Shocks, Etc
    Hi guys, I have just created a project thread you can see here: Anyways, I am soon to be putting in a front disk kit, dropped spindles and am looking for the right wheel and tire combo. I really like the look of whitewalls and will be...
  14. Project Update Section, Post Project Updates Here
    Hi guys, Been browsing the forums whenever I come across problems, but now I need to ask for opinions (in another thread) so I thought I would create a project page while I am at it. Helps keep things in context and all that. Please note, this will not be a traditional project thread with a...
  15. Engine Building, Hi Performance
    Sending out a thread to all gearheads, it always seems when someone does TriFive restoration, everybody seems to always lean towards 350ci and bigger. Would anybody know or have first hand experience to swap our '56 265 V-8 with a more modern, say 265ci from a '95 Caprice ? Would the same motor...
  16. mycar

    up to date pics of my 150
  17. mycar2

    up to date pics of my 150
  18. mycar3

    up to date pics of my 150
  19. seats

    up to date pics of my 150
  20. seats3

    up to date pics of my 150
1-20 of 25 Results