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1955 bel air
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  1. Classifieds Section - For Sale Items ONLY!
    driver quality 1955 Bel-Air 3 piece Dash Trim SOLD First I will take it. Money order or PayPal Lower 48 only
  2. Stock Chevy Discussion 55-56-57
    Trying to install a Pertronic Ignitor In my 235. I removed the points and installed the electronic ignition and a new Pertronix Flame Thrower 1.5 ohm coil, new wires, cap, and plugs. I put the wires on the coil back the way they were in the original position. I tried to start the car and heard a...
  3. New Member Introductions
    I've been a member for awhile, however I just now got my baby home and I'm ready to take this adventure! She was barned for 37yrs and sat outside for 2 years after that. I'm not a man of many words but rather like to show and tell through pics and vids. I don't believe I am supposed to place my...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi trifive I'm from Colombia, my brother And I are very happy to start a Bel Air 1955 4door sedan proyect. We are here for help from the experts, from trifive members. Greetings to all ! Gabriel y Carlos
  5. New Member Introductions
    bowtie-trifive Happy to be a new member to the Trifive community. I have recently purchased my first trifive. It is a beautiful 1955 Bel Air four door sedan. Has a nice little 383 stroker. I think I made a great choice for my first double nickle.
  6. Metal Fabrication and Repair Questions
    I have some rust damage on my 1955 Chevy Bel Air. I cannot seem to find information about this part of the car. Mainly because, I'm probably not referring to it by it's proper name. Can someone tell me what is it's proper name so I can research how to get it repaired?
  7. Chit Chat Area, Anything on your mind goes here.
    I recently have been blessed to find a 1955 Chevy Bel air 4 Door in pretty good condition. I have OCD so now I am looking to dis assemble the whole car and make it NEW again. I will be selling ALL original parts as I will be buying NEW modern parts . I am gonna MIX the old style with the modern...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Can any one help me . I just bought a 1955 Chevy Belair 4 door 210 I think. The title vin number says : I5373 1C55 I am so confused is this a engine serial number that was put on the title ? I just transfered it into my name with those 9 numbers as a vin in NJ ... The title say 1955...
1-8 of 8 Results