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  1. Pair of Hood Hinges - 1956 - For Sale

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    Up for sale are a pair of Hood Hinges for a 1956 Chevy. Condition is Used, but very little wear other than normal use. These hinges were removed from my 56 Belair wagon. They worked exactly as they should. They are powder coated grabber orange. Purchase with confidence. Asking $125, but make...
  2. Classic Instruments Gauges 1955-1956 Chevy Belair For Sale

    Classifieds Section - For Sale Items ONLY!
    Up for Sale are a set of Classic Instruments Gauges for 1955-1956 Chevy Belair. Condition is Used. This unit was installed in 2012 when my car was built. I am doing a LS Engine swap and the computer requires different gauges. This unit works perfectly. The odometer reads 23,400 miles. The unit...
  3. 56 BelAir Rear Speaker Location

    Stock Chevy Discussion 55-56-57
    Just purchased my first clasic car - a 56 Bel Air Sports Coupe. Hasn't arrived yet. Want to replace front speaker with dual speaker and rear speaker with dual speaker. Question - is the factory designed mounting place for the rear speaker on the left side of the package space, rather than...
  4. How many 55-57 Nomad owners do have on here?

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    And what state of condition is it in. Mine is a 56 and it has been totally restored to show condition not a trailer queen i drive my cars in nice weather.Sorry guys tried to post a pic with no luck?
  5. 1956 Belair hardtop by MetalWorks

    Show us your Trifive
    A few images of our 56 Chevy Belair build. You can view the entire restoration on our website at:
  6. 1956 power glide starter

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    This was on my 1956 with the original 2 speed power glide transmission. I think it’s the same for all 1955, 1956, and 1957 maybe more where it bolts to the transmission not to the engine block. Worked great, has sticker on starter says Arrow (?) not sure what that indicates. 25.00 and you pick...
  7. 1956 Original 4 blade fan

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    Original 4 blade fan from my 1956 Nomad V8 265, nice a straight, no issues I Just upgraded to 5 blade fan. Measures appropriate 17.75” across. 10.00 and you can pickup in Kansas City or add 10.00 for USPO Ship to continual 48 states. I would suspect this is same for all v8 and straight 6...
  8. Original valve covers 1956 V8 265

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    Staggered holes so applicable for 55, 56, 57, 58, 59 Chevy V8. 265, 283. They have been repainted and have silver Chevrolet script. 1 set or pair, nice, straight, could use a little clean up. 8 correct Phillips head screws, 7 correct wing hold downs, 1 is different. I just upgraded from these...
  9. 1956 Straight Six & 3 Speed Manual Transmission For Sale

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    I'm pulling the engine and transmission out of my 1956 TwoTen Coupe and selling them on eBay.
  10. 56 with broken frame weld

    Suspension Questions Chassis, Brakes, Shocks, Etc
    Working under the hood of the 56 this weekend and noticed something that was not there when I was building the car. On the drivers side where a gusset comes off the frame and connects to the main front structure (what I think is called the K member) the gusset weld is cracked and completely...
  11. 1956 Bel Air PowerGlide leaking, but full?

    Transmission and DriveLine Questions
    I've got a 1956 Bel Air Sedan with a Powerglide. The transmission was working perfectly, but after an engine rebuild the trans started leaking, and later stopped shifting well. However, the dipstick says that it's full and it won't take more fluid. I want to top it off and have a transmission...
  12. 1956 150 - Pretty much done at yr 7

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    First purchased in June 2011. Full off frame bolt and nut. Last year finally got to drive it some and of course found some issues. Cleaned up a lot of those winter of 2017-18. Plus installed the Vintage Air. I am finally driving and enjoying my dream car at will. She starts and drives...
  13. ‘56 Chevy Truck

    Show us your Trifive
    Father in-law owned it. Wife and I saved up for years to buy it. Luckily we still knew who had it. :) Can’t wait to get into it more. Just a few pics I snapped. It’s been this way (mostly) for the last 17 years. Her dad owned it since 1993 or so. Supposedly it was in a movie called Deuce...
  14. WTB Pair of horns for a 56

    Wanted/WTB/Trade/Free Stuff. Cars & Car Parts Only
    My recent purchase came without horns. Anyone have one or two originals for sale? I'm probably able to rebuild ones that don't work if not too far gone. I'd buy a pair of rebuilt/remanufactured ones, but I have no cores. I like the sound of the originals, so that is what i am looking for. Thanks...
  15. Wilwood Kit # 140-11491 $600.00

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    Have a brand new Willwood disc brake conversion kit for sale. Still in the box, in un-used condition. $600 for an $800 kit. Link to the description: SOLD
  16. 1956 Chevy 150 2 door

    Tri Five Cars for Sale
    1956 Chevy 2 door sedan , 235 3 speed , brand new clutch , rebuilt distributor and carb , runs great , all new brakes - wheel cylinders , drums , arched and relined riveted shoes , new hard and soft lines , new master cylinder , stops great . New floor pans rear both sides , and front drivers ...
  17. 1956 Chevy Bel Air Right Front Fender - Used

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    1956 Chevy Bel Air Right Front Fender - Used We have a selection of rust free original 1956 Chevrolet RIGHT/PASSENGER'S SIDE front fenders. The inner support brace is intact and the sheetmetal is in good condition there may be some minor scrapes, dents, or pinholes. By rust free we do not mean...
  18. '56 210 project, young guns and no experience

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    Hey everyone, I've joined the community very recently and teased at my new '56 purchase I made last week in another thread. This will be the first of what I'm sure will be many posts about this car as I document everything and figure out which direction I'm going to take this. So I'll give a...
  19. 55 56 hoods?? interchange??

    Paint & Bodywork Questions and Answers
    can the 55 hood fit the 56 ...grill or fenders ? new to this body:p3: only. can't find replacement yet..
  20. Fully Restored 1955 Post Car 350/350 PS PB's Nice Car!

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    If you're a Chevy guy (or gal) then you're going to enjoy our 55. If you're a Tri-Five guy (or gal), well you're about to mess up all of your priorities by putting this thing at the top of your "want list". For that, I apologize. If you're neither of the two, well chances are you're a Prius guy...