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210 wagon
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  1. Trifive Nomads, Sedan Deliveries & Station Wagons
    Hi all, I have a couple questions on my tailgate, as I'm having a really hard time finding out what to order or what I'm missing. 1) Has anyone used a T handle that was NOT "made for a wagon" and didn't cost over $200? Is there something special about the one that is sold by Danchuk, etc. or...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello From Pinckney, Michigan Just joined as we are restoring a 1957 210 Wagon. Looking for a tailgate to restore currently...any sellers? Take care, Pinckney 57 Wagon
  3. Interiors Questions and Answers
    Just got started on '57 9 passenger 210 wagon. Some seat parts are missing, and others not repairable. Not really trying to "restore to original", but build a driver. Interior is a ways off, but is there anybody out there that has converted the seating to late model buckets/console? What...
  4. Interiors Questions and Answers
    Hi all, I'm having the hardest time trying to find a window regulator for the rear window on the passenger side of my 210 Handyman Wagon. It seems I can find them everywhere for the nomads, sedans, convertibles and hardtops, just not MY wagon. If anyone has one or knows where I can find one, I...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hello Chevy Nuts, I've had this great Wagon in storage for 38 years. My Dad got it from the estate of the original owner with 42,000 miles. I drove it for a year in the early 70s, is was all original except for belts, battery, and tires. Over the years I would take it out now and then in the...
1-5 of 5 Results