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    This 1958 Chevy 283/185HP 2bbl 2GC Rochester Carburetor #7012452 has been completely re-manufactured. The carburetor also comes with new gaskets. Specs GM #: 7012452 YEAR: 1958 MODEL: 2GC 2BBL Automatic Choke on Carb CAR: Passenger ENGINE/APP: 283/185HP Automatic Transmission Also fits 1958...
  2. Stock Chevy Discussion 55-56-57
    I have a 56 Bel Air 4-door HT bought new by my grandmother. It is unrestored and I am trying to keep it stock. The 2GC carburetor on it is finicky. Rebuilding it never seems to make it quite right, and I would like to buy a new replacement carb. Are they available anywhere? I would even...
1-2 of 2 Results