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305 engine
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  1. Engine Building, Hi Performance
    I am looking for some advice or any information regarding a 305 marine engine. Are the 305 marine engines the same as a 305 Chevy engine? E.g. flywheel/ring gear? I do know what I've seen from it that the carb, the intake manifold, the balancer and water pump pipes etc are different to look at...
  2. Engine Building, Hi Performance
    305 chevy impala. 600 eldebrock carb. 350 heads. When i can manage to get the car to run, you can get full revs and doesn't overheat. It can be left for 15-30 mins then it wont start up again. I have set the timing on number 1. Gone 1 full revolution all the way around, then reversed to find the...
1-2 of 2 Results