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  1. 1956-1957 Chevy 4-Door Hardtop RIGHT Rear Lower Door Hinge OEM

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    1956-1957 Chevy 4-Door Hardtop RIGHT Rear Lower Door Hinge OEM This 1956-1957 Chevrolet 4-Door hardtop RIGHT/PASSENGER'S SIDE rear lower door hinge is an original GM part. These hinges are not reproduced and supplies are limited so order while we have them. PRICE: $110.00 plus Shipping -...
  2. registered 1955 chevy belair 4 door

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    Just wondering if anyone knows how many 55 chevy's 4-doors belairs are registered in Iowa or in the United States. Or if anyone knows how I can find this info. This is my first thread so just interested in trying to find out an answer. Thank you, Nancy Boddicker
  3. Brand New Member - Need Help

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    Hello All I am a brand new member on the forum; as well as a, a brand new owner of a 1956 Chevy Bel Air 4-Door Sport Sedan. I just picked the car up 5-Days ago. Straight body California Car no Rust. Missing Trim, Mirrors etc. The reason for my post is I have never restored a car and am not very...
  4. More 4-door fun, memories

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    1956 Chevrolets get the least amount of love from would-be Tri-Five owners. I’ve always had an affinity for the middle child of Chevrolet’s Tri-Five trinity. See more story here.
  5. Replacing rear doors of 56 belair wagon with rear doors off 56 belair sedan

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    Working on a 1956 4-door Belair wagon and I would like to customize it a little by changing out the rear doors. Has anyone attempted to replace the rear doors of a 1956 Belair Wagon with the rear doors from a 1956 4-door Sedan, ones with the V-shape dip? I have a door from a 56 Belair sedan...
  6. The Beginning

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    Here's some pics from day negative one. The beginning of the beginning of the project.