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  1. Classifieds Section - For Sale Items ONLY!
    Does anyone have 2 trunk mounted antenna chrome to sell or trade. I am moving my antenna from the front fender to the 2 rear mounted ones. I picked up 2 power antennas but need the chrome. Thanks! :shakehands: :flag6:
  2. Electrical Questions and Answers
    I was curious if anyone had installed a power antenna in the front passenger fender of a 1955-57 Chevrolet? I saw one guy at a local show that had one.:happy0030: He said that he had installed a universal one from a local parts store (Autozone, Kragens, Napa, Pepboys, etc...). I got one but...
  3. Chit Chat Area, Anything on your mind goes here.
    I've got a '56 with a broken power antenna. To tell the truth I never listen to the radio, and I don't want to have an antenna. What's the best way to temporarily block the hole where the antenna currently resides until I can patch and paint the car? Is there a rubber stopper that would fit...
1-3 of 3 Results